About me

Hello and nice to meet you here!

My name is Aysel Kaas and I am the founder of Fi-T-rition.

I have completed my study in International Marketing in the Netherlands. But I was always excited about  Nutrition, Detox and Sport.

Earlier, I was the one, who could eat anything and did not gain any weight until my third pregnancy. I could not accept the changes of my body.

But, before I did any weight loss diets, I started to increase my knowledge in the area of Sport, Nutrition and Psychologie.

The result is: five  years of experience and two certified diplomas.

Today, I am a proud nutrition coach!

Moreover, i am a Women Nutrition Speciliast. I’ve studied Nutrition and Sport for women’s body  struggling with hormones, cycles, pregnancy and more…

My cultural background and the knowledge of different languages allow me to empathize in ones culture, which plays a huge role in our lifestyle.

Together with my sister and a team located in France and Germany, we work on an international level worldwide helping people to change their body and achieve  their goal.



Maybe you ask yourself what Fi-T-rition means?

It’s the composition of Fit and Nutrition. It means: There are no universal diet that suit everyone. There is only one right way of changing your life towards a better and healthier one.  We are not starving or counting calories!

Do you  want to change your life? Then I am looking forward to see you.

Aysel K.