Understanding the Metabolism

The process of converting food into energy is known as metabolism.

The faster our metabolism, the more calories we burn and the more weight we lose. These two  statements are well-known. However, we have no idea how we affect our metabolism on a regular basis, both negatively and positively.


How may we have a negative impact on our metabolism?

When we are hungry and trying to “starve” in order to lose weight.

We must avoid feeling hungry  for an extended period of time, as otherwise our metabolism slows down.

Why is this happening?

Because, not proving our body any food regularly, will shut down our system ( metabolism)!

Our metabolism has his own job and duties in our organism. By not proving him food quite often, he can not do his job  the whole day ( he has no duties to do ) and will go to the “sleep mode” rather than working.

We need to pretend this!

A tiny amount of healthy food consumed throughout the day will help to keep your metabolism system running smoothly.

For example , if you eat three large meals during the day, as most individuals do, metabolism will slow down.  But if you eat, 5 or 6 times a day, you are aiming to be on the fullness line rather than the hungry line. But keep attention, on what kind of products you will eat at what time a day.

What causes cause our metabolism to slow down?

  • Protein intake is insufficient to repair and maintain essential muscular tissue.
  • Vitamins and minerals are in short supply. Vitamins and minerals are required for healthy metabolism; shortages create delays.
  • Consuming an excessive amount of simple carbs and sugar
  • Overweight: the metabolism of fat tissue is slower than that of muscle tissue.
  • Lack of mobility
  • Drinking insufficient water – water is required for all metabolic activities.
  • Stress


How can you improve your metabolism ?


Any kind of movement ( swimming, Nordic walking, jogging, fitness..) will speed up your metabolism process.

Any NEAT ( Non -exercise activities: playing with children, household, going to the grocery …) are counting as movement but not enough!

Muscle tissues are more burning calories than adipose tissue ( fat tissues).

Doing more strength exercises, will speed up metabolism which leads to speed up the calories burning process.


Metabolism can only work in a fluent surrounding. Having insufficient water intake,metabolism can not do his job. By drinking more water, you can help the metabolism to do his job.

In contrary, soft drinks slows down the process.


Breakfast is the first what you take after having few hours of sleep. It is the ‘start”of our metabolism of the day.

If we skip our breakfast, we put our body into “sleep mode”.  In this mode, our metabolism slows down.


Speed up metabolism on a natural basis.  Proteine provides you a satiety feeling and the maintaincane of muscles. Muscles as mentioned above, burn more calories.


However, keep attention on NOT shutting down your metabolism process. Try to eat and do things, that helps your metabolism to do his job. It’s not only helping you to lose few pounds, but provides you an overall healthy good working organism.