How to get motivated

Motivation -where to get?

First of all, stop searching for motivation elsewhere! It is important to understand, how long do you want your motivation to last?

  • You can enlist the help of others to motivate you.
  • You can read motivational literature, listen to motivational speakers and be inspired by others. It will undoubtedly have an impact on your condition,but only for a short time.

After one or two days, your motivation will fade, and you will find yourself in the same position as before: with no motivation to do anything at all.


So what to do then?

Always begin by yourself!

The only person, who will always be there for you and with whom you will have a lasting relationship is yourself. Only you have the power to drag you down and bring you up.

You are the only person, who can motivate yourself! Don’t look for it somewhere else.

For the rest of your life, you, your body, and your intellect are your own source of inspiration. Whether you want to be more active, lose weight, learn new skills, or change your behavior, these are your own goals, that should motivate you to get started.

How to get motivated for sport and healthy lifestyle?

Here are top 10 that will definitely help you.

1. Surround yourself with people who will help you grow.

People,who will put you down and doubt your abilities, will never support you. You will never be inspired by them.

2.Make a list of your goals.

Write down your goals, whether they are physical (like losing five pounds in two months) or psychological (like adapting two new behaviors).

Your own pathway is determined by your objectives. Focus on achieving them.

3. Book your sport appointment

Write down in your agenda when you will sport and what time and stick to it.  Don’t put it off for other reasons.

4.Create your own music collection.

Music is still one of the most effective ways to get into the right mood.

5. Get into workout clothes

The right clothes will help you to feel comfortable.  Clothes provide us a sense of security.

6. Stick to an exercise plan 

Make a plan of how much in the week you will exercise. For instance three times in a week.

7. Track your progress

Take photos or measurements of your body  and track your progress in order to make appropriate improvements.

Take command of your own destiny!

8.Take at least 30 min of the day only for yourself.

In this time, you can do whatever comes to your mind. It can be taking a bath without hurrying up.  It can be laying down and doing nothing.

Just do what your heart wants to do alone. Have fun and enjoy the time.

 9. Reward yourself

For every big task done,reward yourself. Thank yourself for doing things, that was difficult for you in the first place.

Purchase something for oneself, such as flowers, rather than waiting for others to do it.

10. Be the happiest, healthiest, most confident, and beautiful version of yourself by joining our online community Fi-T-rition.


As you can see above, the focus is on yourself. What actions you will do, will motivate you.   Doing same things over and over, will lead to results, which provides you the stimuation to continue achieving better results.

So stop asking , stop searching stop reading about it. Look in the mirror, listen to your inner mind and they will give you the stimulation start doing.