Pelvic floor/6weeks


Women’s health starts with rehabilitating your own intimate muscles.
Why do we need sport in our life?
Over time, our muscles are converted into fat tissues. Sport keeps our muscles strong. The pelvic floor includes muscles that are invisible to us but play an essential role in our lives.
These intimate muscles are often left unnoticed. This muscle group needs to be exercised just as regularly as other parts of the body.

This course lasts six weeks with two training sessions per week. After the end of the course you will know everything concercing your pelvic and how to continue the training at home using different types of aids ( e.g electronic ones) in order to increase your training level. Moreover, you will understand how the intimate muscles affects our life.


Goals of the course: 

  • Strengthening the intimate muscles
  • Strengthening the muscles after the birth injury
  • Good posture
  • Elimination of incontinence problems (urinating while sneezing, laughing, exercising…)
  • Fulfilled intimate life
  • Elimination of lack of desire for intimacy and mood swings
  • Prevention/ maintenance of our organs
  • Improving women’s health

Live Online training- 6 Weeks


  • 6 weeks/ 2x a week
  • Monday & Thursday ( 19.30-20.30)
  • Target group: 18-45 years/ Postpartum/Regression after pregnancy

Preis: 150,- ( ink. VAT)


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