Detox-3 days


A quick therapy to cleanse your body is a three-day detoxification regimen centered on fruit and vegetable juices. You ingest fluids and light digital meals throughout this time. With a Detox treatment you cleanse your GI sytsem from toxins and bacteria. One of the goals of a detox program is to stop bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee, and eating unhealthy food. We aim to relax our body and calm down our mind. Following a balanced lifestyle this therapy should be considered.


Objectives :

  • Deep cleansing of your glut system
  • Get rid of bacteria and toxins
  • Calm down your mind and body
  • Improve your skin, sleep quality and energy system
  • Boost your immune system


Detox treatment includes my complete, personal coaching throughout these days.

How does it work?

Step 1: Interview

Discuss the current situation and goal setting

Step 2: Detox-plan + grocery list

Deep explanation of the plan and discuss questions

Step 3: Final meeting and review

Prijs: €110,- ( inkl.VAT)


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