Weight loss program

Weight loss starts in your head and usually has a psychological background. It is important to lose weight in a correct and healthy way to prevent a boomerang effect. A proper nutrition plan helps you to maintain your weight for a long time and also to develop a healthy lifestyle. We slowly change our behavior and habits to become more aware of the influences the food has on our life energy.

You will receive an extensive consultation about nutrition based on your own life situation.

What’s included?

Discussing  client’s interests:

  • Current diet
  • Past diet experiences
  • Personal situation
  • Health complaints
  • Wishes/goals

Extensive information about:

  • Food choices and consequences
  • Nutritional values
  • Distribution of macro- and micronutrients
  • Boomerang effect
  • Relationship between nutrition, psychology and lifestyle factors

Discussing a plan of action:

  • Conscious diet
  • Weight loss
  • Behavior and habits
  • Working on health issues such as lack of energy, fatigue, headache, stress)

The consultation lasts 60 minutes.

Price: €60 (incl. VAT)

Where: appointment at the office/online



What’s included?

Step 1: Nutrition consultation (duration 60 min)

Appointment at the office/online

Step 2: Questionnaire

Step 3: Drawing up a personal nutrition plan + measurements

Step 4: Follow-up appointment: explanation of nutrition plan & discussion of questions

Step 5: Handouts:  extra helpful information

Step 6: Follow- up meeting to discuss progress

How does it work?

It is not about extreme diets where we count calories, weigh food or fasting. Instead, we strive a healthy dietary change with long lasting results.

A nutrition plan is personally drawn up based on information from the consultation and questionnaire.

Psychological, physical, social and emotional factors are discussed to get a total overview over the current situation.

Analysis of problems concerns nutrition behavior, failed diets and addiction to certain food products.

We consider additionally factors such as life situation / working hours / preferences / habits.

The plan is a signpost that FITS into your LIFE and not the other way around!

Goal: long-term weight loss

Price: €145 (incl. VAT)

The process takes three months and includes my personal guidance and support.

  • Intake and Vitality Check
  • Analysis of your body composition
  • Health check
  • Analysis of your habits
  • Goal setting
  • Individual nutrition plan designed for you
  • Introduction  and Explanation of nutritional terminologies
  • Movement plan/ Training program
  • Advice on Supplements
  • Progress measurements 3x
  • Motivation and support in nutrition, behavior and psychology throughout the three months

Price: €395 (incl. VAT)



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