Serpil, 40 years old

I believe in myself again and I feel younger.

I have started with weight loss program in February 2020. When I started, I weighed 79 kg and today I am proud of my 56 kg. It is a new life that I gained. Today I am more motivated, feel young again and have a lot of energy. Many thanks to Fi-T-rition for this chance.







Gunay, 36 years old

I did not believe that I get my old weight back.

I have started with the weight loss program in 2020. I weighed 74 kg and this was my limit. Today, I weigh 58 kg and still can not believe that I could lose weight and look even better than I could ever imagine. I made the program for 100 %.

It was not difficult for me to follow the weight loss program. I ate enough and lost weight. My life has changed a lot.






Luba, 32 years old

I had a never before in my life clothing size 36.

My name Luba and with help of Aysel I have lost more than 20 kg. When I started I weighed 94 kg and now I weigh 73 kg. I am very grateful for the chance and to be part of this group. The motivation and support I got throughout the program, helped me a lot on my way to weight loss. Today I can not live without sport anymore. I have fully integrated it into my life.

I am very grateful and happy






Gunay, 24 years old.

Muscle mass

After i lose a lot of weight, I wanted to have a more defined body. So I started with the new program of muscle mass in order to see how my body will be formed. I am really happy because I got visible ABS and more defined female roundings.








Selda, 42 years old

My name is Selda and I have 2 children. After my second pregnancy my body has been changed a lot. Especially, my belly was been deformed. In December I have started with the weight loss program and have been lost 10 kg. Today I have a small belly and I feel as new born. Moreover I god more energy. Thanks to Aysel for the motivation and support.








Sandra, 33 years old

My name is Sandra and I have lost 8 kg. I used to try different diets to get lost of weight but nothing helped me.
Thanks to Fi-T-rition I could lose weight and maintain it. Many thanks to the Team for the good support.