What are supplements in terms of nutrition?

“A substance or product that is added to a person’s diet to make sure they get all the nutrients they need. This may include vitamins, minerals, protein or fat.”

Are supplements really necessary?

Supplements can be used by those who don’t have time to think about their nutrition or live a healthy lifestyle.

When we go for it 100 percent, we may get all of the nutrients from our diet. However, in today’s hectic lifestyle, we don’t have the time to consider whether we are getting enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients.

Let’s consider different supplements based on macro- and micronutrients and go over them one by one.

Proteins, carbs, and fat are all macronutrients. As the name says “macro”, our body needs them in large amount.



are an important component of our bodies. Proteins aid in the preservation of muscular mass, which diminishes as we age. Furthermore, we require proteins in all our chemical processes of the body. Our organism can not work properly without proteins. Therefore, they should account for 30% of our overall calories on a daily basis. So, here’s the deal.

People, who has no time to think about their nutrition and healthy lifestyle and people, who sport, but don’t eat enough proteins to rebuild, can use supplements.  Protein shakes are the most common protein supplements.

But wait a minutes: «Shakes? No thanks, they’re too chemically for me to drink. »

Many people have prejudices when it comes to shakes. But, protein shakes, that are made from a good source of ingredients, can provide a plenty of advantages. They’re designed for those who have busy lives and for those, who can not meet the daily proteins requirements.



Carbohydrates are presented in all of our food and we consume them sufficiently.

Nevertheless, for people, who exercise very hard or athletes that work hard to maintain their high performance often use  additional carbohydrate supplements in form of shakes.



are obtained from food in the same way as proteins and carbohydrates. But we have fat supplements for both, getting more fat and losing quick fat.

Some women wish to have more fat with fuller cheeks, chests, or booties. They might be able to get it with the help of a fat supplements.

The opposite: Fat Burning Supplements.  Are they really helping to get rid of excessive fat?

Hormones such as epinephrine and non-epinephrine stimulate lipid mobilization. When they go up, we appetite is suppressed. We are not hungry! When these hormones are high, our body release faty acid for energy.

Fat burning supplements contain stimulants such as coffeine, that make these hormones to go up. They are lowering appetite.  With these supplements , fat is released but without exercising , they are not going to do anything. They go back where they were.

Fat burning supplements in combination with exercising help you to use the fat for energy. Therefore, they can be useful when you want to lose fat. Nevertheless, it is always better to get rid of fat with sport and nutrition. 



Minerals and vitamins are micronutrients, and humans require them in «micro» small amounts, as the term implies.  They are necessary to be healthy, with smooth skin and long, healthy hair, and to feel and live well.

Vitamins can certainly be obtained through food, but the efficiency with which you acquire them,relies on the type of food you consume, how the food is processed and how the food  is cooked or prepared. People may believe, that eating broccoli provides them with iron and vitamin C. But, cooked broccoli, on the other hand, is almost devoid of vitamins.

However, if you want a good source of Vitamin C, for example, you should better take supplements. The same we imply to magnesium and zinc.


To summarize, supplements, whether in the form of capsules, tablets, shakes, or powders, are not as harmful as many people believe. Of course, all of them contain a certain amount of chemical compounds to keep them sustainable, but they provide you with all of the nutrients that your body requires to stay healthy and function properly. However too much of being healthy is also unhealthy. Keep the balance!


My Supplements recommendations in terms of nutrition:

  • Pure Protein Powder

Need to meet your daily protein requirements

  • Natural Shakes

Replaces your meal, when you are too busy for cooking

  • Probiotics

Regulates your GI -tract and protect your body from pathogens\

  • Biotin

Mostly used for hair & nails

  • Zinc and Magnesium

Has a healthy function and keep our body strong Moreover, it helps with back pain, cramps, migraines, PMS

  • B -Vitamins

Have impact on your energy, brain function and cell metabolism. Prevents infections and promotes cell health

  • Folate

Transforming carbohydrates into energy. Support the growth and bones

  • Iron

Immune system and regulation of body temperature

  • Omega 3 & Omega 6

Imporntant for brain, heart diseases, diabetes.  Important is the combination of all two.