Why do we need carbohydrates?

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are an important food group and part of a healthy diet. They are vital nutrients that our bodies require in huge quantities⇒ «macro»-nutrients.

Our bodies are similar to automobiles. To get our car  ⇒»body» moving, we need fuel. Food is our primary source of energy. Proteins, carbs, and fats are the three types of fuel.

When must we consume carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates should be consumed on a regular basis. We should not be frightened to eat carbohydrates because we fear gaining weight.
Carbohydrates must be included in our diet if we want to live a healthy, long, and energized life.

Especially we need to consume them after an intense workout, because they help us to recover.  Therefore, most athletes consume carbohydrates during their whole training in order to keep performance high.


How much carbohydrate can we consume?

It is dependent on:

  • How big or small a person is
  • What is a person’s lean mass/body fat percentage?
  • What is someone’s age?
  • What kind of genetics do you have?
  • What are someone’s dietary preferences?

Carbohydratesvare converted to glucose in our bodies. In our daily diet, we require 130 g of glucose.


Carbohydrates are divided into two categories.

The complex carbohydrates and the refined, highly processed ones.

Carbohydrates that are complex:

  • Keep us satiated for longer
  • Maintain a healthy blood sugar and insulin level.
  • Examples: whole grain &  beans

Carbohydrates that have been refined and highly processed:

  • They are unsatisfied and digest fast.
  • Encourage us to eat more of them by stimulating our appetite.
  • Cause blood sugar fluctation and rise insulin level